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You may have secret Facebook messages!

You are most likely using Facebook regularly and checking your messages inbox for any queries that might come in.

But did you know that there is a SECOND Facebook message inbox?

These messages do NOT always generate a notification, so you may not know that they are there. Ridiculous isn't it? This inbox is called 'Message Requests'.

A few weeks ago we were talking about this to a client who then went back to the office to check hers. She then called to say that she had 7 unseen messages from visitors to her page, waiting for her response! So what exactly IS a message request?

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    Message requests tell you when someone you're not friends with on Facebook has sent you a message. Messages from Facebook friends will go to your inbox and messages we think are spam will be filtered out of your requests.

Facebook doesn't tell you when it filters out messages. These could be messages from old friends or new clients. This is why it's so important to be aware of this hidden feature of Facebook.

Ok so where IS this pesky inbox?

Log in to Facebook on your desktop. (Tablets and phones may differ). You'll see some icons at the top right hand side of the page. You have your Friend Requests, your Message Inbox and your Notifications.

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Click on your Message Inbox. A window will pop up, with not one but two tabs in it. The first tab is a list of all of your 'RECENT' messages. The next tab along is the magic folder whereby you will see anyone who has messaged you, who is NOT already a friend. This tab is called 'MESSAGE REQUESTS'.

Facebook Message Requests image

You can see that someone has sent us a message and it's gone into this folder, having looked at the message we can see that it was sitting in that folder for 5 days before we spotted it ourselves! How many messages do you have in yours?

But wait, there’s even more! If you click on “See filtered requests” you might see more messages that have been filtered by Facebook.

Facebook filtered messages graphic

So now you know.

Now that you know where this cheeky little inbox is, spread the word and tell your friends.

If you discover that you do have lots of unread messages, please let us know on our Facebook page…we'd love to know!

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