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Trends in 2019!

Here are 5 of the top latest trends in marketing. It pays to keep an eye out for what's coming up, and what's already around you that you might not have noticed yet!

1. Home Workouts

Man working out with dumbells in cartoon style
The idea of getting fit or working out in the comfort of your own home has become very popular. With millions of options available working on strength, balance, endurance and speed all in the mix. There is likely to be an increase of online classes, and the more popular personalised options will carve out the direction for brands through demand and supply.

2. Lightning fast mobile phones

Infographic with hands holding a phone, showing how 5G networking works
By the end of 2019, 5G will be the dynamo network for mobiles, tablets and computers, with websites opening instantly and HD films downloading in seconds..with no frustrating buffing! Brands will be more inspired and ambitious along with their adverts in order to take advantage of this new trend.

3. Voice recognition

Close up of red microphone sponge highlighting the importance of voice recognition
Alexa and Siri have taken some criticism lately, but with over forty-five thousand skills and still growing, by 2010 it is predicted that most top brands will have a voice plan welded into their marketing structure.

4. Fake news

Fake News text propogated with the word propoganda
With people waking up to the truth about incorrect information and news on the net, media and publishers who give the most honest and truthful information will be followed, and be much more successful.

If YOU spot something online and you want to check if it's true or not, try one of the many fact checking websites out there, we like Snopes!

5. Get on and be happy

Shaking hands showing unity and togetherness, with lots of words symbolising 'The Famously Effective Business of Togetherness'
With the confusion of Brexit, looming conflicts worldwide in Korea, China, Russia and the Middle East, the uncertainty that surrounds us in modern times has lead to a new direction in branding. It has been proved that brands which bring people together and make people feel unified are the best sellers. In the study “The Famously Effective Business of Togetherness” ‘Grey New York’s recent study’, it was stated that 88% of people felt the need for unity and 60% thought brands could help achieve this. You can check out more information relating to this article here.


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